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Oyster Bah Oyster Bah Oyster Bah
Oyster Bah, a Lincoln Park oyster bar and East Coast-inspired seafood restaurant is created in partnership with the team behind Shaw’s Crab House.
The menu will highlight all things fresh seafood with an influence that’s anchored mainly on the East Coast. Diners can expect a dynamic oyster program pulling from both East and West coasts, fish sourced from all over the world, and a solid mix of classic and unique seafood dishes like Stuffies, a stuffed clam dish baked with chorizo, Crispy One-Sided Snapper, which is garnished with Thai-inspired sauce, and even a mean Double Cheeseburger with fries. The wine list is structured to perfectly complement the seafood. Diners can also enjoy a small selections of cocktails riffing on some classic East libations.
On the lower level of the restaurant is Crab Cellar, a cozy basement bar serving food and craft cocktails off of an exclusive menu.


1962 N. Halsted
Chicago, IL 60614

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Cuisine: Seafood Cocktail
Ambiance: Lively Casual