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Tokio Pub Tokio Pub Tokio Pub

Tokio Pub specializes in fresh Japanese cooking. East Asian classics are blended with flavors and cooking techniques from Japan and Latin America to create a unique pub menu. Options to start are unforgettable tacos and specialty sushi but the Signature Japanese Hot Rock steals the show. Choose from items like NY Strip and Cold water Lobster and cook table-top, bringing the action right to your table. For dinner, Tokio Pub’s 700 degree robata grill fire chars sizzle platters like the twice cooked organic chicken with yakitori sauce and ramen noodles or the twisted tailed lobster served with crispy rice noodles. Also choose from fresh and simple stir fry dishes like the grilled garlic steak with snow peas, shiitaki mushrooms and boc choy or the succulent pork belly in miso broth slurping noodle. Dessert should not be missed as Tokio Pub’s famous chocolate filled beignets will leave you speechless! With its lively music, friendly service and edgy atmosphere, Tokio Pub offers the North West Suburbs a new option for lunch, dinner and cocktails.



1900 E. Higgins Road
Schaumburg, IL 60173

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Cuisine: Asian
Ambiance: Casual